• The Raw Ones. 1965.

    The Raw Ones. 1965.
     A profile of the nudist lifestyle.
    This motion picture presents educational, scientific, sociological and cultural ideas that demonstrate the conviction that the human body is clean and wholesome and that increased public understanding of this point of view will contribute to the well-being and advancement of all, whether they be practising nudists or not. One of the strangest and most damaging mistakes ever made by humanity was the notion that there is something inherently evil and obscene about the human body.
    Opening card reads: «Dedicated to the principles of American Nudism and to the courage of the mind that seeks truth and strives for enlightenment». Shortly after, the voice off Narrator cites the 1957 US Supreme Court ruling that nudity is not by and in itself obscene.
    Director: John Lamb.
    Cast: Charlotte, Cathy Crowfoot, Kellie Everts, Ron Gans.
    USA, 1965.
    Language: English.
    Format : AVI / 640x480
    Duration : 68 min
    File Size : 700 MB
    Download: The Raw Ones.
    The Raw Ones. 1965.
    The Raw Ones. 1965.
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