• Jungfrauen-Report / Virgin Report. 1972.

    Jungfrauen-Report / Virgin Report. 1972.
     This is one of Franco's strangest films (which is saying A LOT) in that he seems to be combining various genres, each of which he had previously only dabbled in. Most obviously this is a take off of the popular German "Schulmadchen Report" films. Franco uses at least two of the same nubile actresses from the series and the same "man (and woman) on the street"-style interview filler. The interviews are even more obviously fake and (intentionally?) comical than usual--the interviewer goes around asking young women if they are virgins, for instance.
    Franco also pays homage to (i.e. rips-off) the Italian "mondo" films, however, by purporting to show "sexual practices" around the world. These are even more obviously fake than in the mondo movies--one "tribe" he films is surprisingly racially integrated, no doubt because Franco couldn't find enough black actors. Strangely enough, the "rituals" he films all involve "do-it-yourself" de-virginizing by the "virgins" themselves while the "tribe" all watches.
    Director: Jesus Franco.
    Cast: Howard Vernon, Ingrid Steinbach, Robert Costor, Christine Werner, Hans Hass Jr., Eva Garden, Ingeborg Steinbach, Diane Winter, Herbert Weissbach.
    Germany, CINERAMA / TELE-CINE BERLIN, 1972.
    Language: German, Russian.
    Download Jungfrauen-Report / Virgin Report.
    Jungfrauen-Report / Virgin Report. 1972.
    Jungfrauen-Report / Virgin Report. 1972.
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