• Malabimba / The Malicious Whore. 1979.
     After the matriarch of once rich and influential aristocratic Caroli family dies, her nearly bankrupt family decides to hold a seance in their decrepit castle and contact her spirit. Unfortunately, they contact instead the malicious and possibly demonic spirit of their evil, hedonistic and decadent late cousin Lucrezia that, after assaulting and messing a bit with those present at the summoning, ends up possessing the dead woman's virginal teenage daughter Bimba. Bimba suddenly becomes overtly sexual and starts acting out in a completely unhinged, aggressive and sexually provocative manner in front of her family and their guests, all while brutally insulting them. She tries to satisfy her confusing demonic urges with masturbation but quickly moves on to seducing those around her, starting with her deathly ill uncle Adolfo, who's unable to stop her from performing fellatio on him which leads to his death during the incestuous act. Meanwhile, his buxom young wife and Bimba's aunt Nais looks for sexual satisfaction in Giorgio, who hangs around the castle. However, unsatisfied with his s&m play, she seduces her brother-in-law Andrea (Bimba's father and Adolfo's brother) instead. When Bimba discovers this, she tries to seduce her father herself but he rejects her in disgust and calls a psychiatrist who concludes that Bimba is just acting out her grief over her mother's death. Adolfo's nurse, a beautiful nun called Sister Sofia becomes the next target of Bimba's lust. Can Sofia save Bimba from the evil spirit or will Bimba's lust consume Sofia as well? There are two versions of the movie - the softcore version and the hardcore version.
    Director: Andrea Bianchi.
    Cast: Katell Laennec, Patrizia Webley, Enzo Fisichella, Giuseppe Marrocco, Elisa Mainardi, Giancarlo Del Duca, Pupita Lea Scuderoni, Mariangela Giordano.
    Italy, 1979.
    Language: Italian, Russian.
    Download Malabimba / The Malicious Whore.
    Malabimba / The Malicious Whore. 1979.
    Malabimba / The Malicious Whore. 1979.
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